How to target ads with Taboola

As native advertising continues to rise in popularity we continually are being asked what targeting and bid options are available on these emerging platforms.

Taboola targeting

  • Targeting – Selectively show your ads by country, device (mobile, tablet or desktop) and operating system (includes mobile and desktop OS including iOS, Android, Windows & macOS/OSX)
  • Bidding – Bid by CPC with the option to add daily and campaign lifetime budget. Budgets can be accelerated or paced according to your needs
  • Dynamic campaign variables – You can pass information from each campaign using dynamic parameters.

Some users have run into discrepancies on reporting with Taboola and it’s due to the way that their system handles clicks vs. Google Analytics only reporting after the entire page has loaded while Taboola records once a click redirect has occurred.

Have you used Taboola or Outbrain?

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